Call Center Services (by disabled agent)

As part of training with our disabled beneficiaries, we build their communication and interpersonal skills. This allows them to function independently and be integrated into society. They are no longer timid individuals but are confident with equal opportunities to be contributors to society. CALL INCLUDES offers call centre and customer care management services to any organisation. This virtual call centre is operated by visually impaired and disabled individuals who have been trained to operate computer systems, take phone calls and provide calling services.

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RM 120 per agent per day

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DID MY Academy

DID MY Academy Sdn. Bhd eP-10081004N
Kuala Lumpur
Available only in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor
This Social Enterprise is created to provide Children, Youths and Adults stricken with Disabilities with equal access to quality education & economic enabling opportunities through collaborations with various partners.
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