Social Procurement

Social Procurement is the use of purchasing power to nurture opportunities that create social and/or environmental impact. Every time goods and services are bought from an Impact-Driven Enterprise (IDE), positive social change is also created. Effective and sustainable approach towards breaking the cycle of disadvantage and strengthening liveability of communities

Lead The Charge & Buy For Impact!

Events and collaborations

We work with you to feature Impact-Driven Enterprises (IDEs) from our network. All the funding will proceed to support the local beneficiaries; artisans, B40 community, accelerating startups & entrepreneurs, and many more

Building an Inclusive Economy

Deeply engage with Impact-Driven Enterprises (IDEs) via social platforms to commercialise them in expanding market access locally and globally by procuring their products and services

Workshops & Consultations

We create an intensive educational yet fun experience in an up close and engaging session with our network of Impact-Driven Enterprises (IDEs) featuring their skills and expertise. Experience first-hand of their products/services and find out more about the inspiring background of each organisation

Featured Initiatives


These 5 pilot Ministries have collectively
committed to social procurement under PPISK


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