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Business For Good

Spend every ringgit you generate to improve the quality of our ecosystem and community.
How? You just have to know what to spend it on and that is what BFI is here for.

Building Lasting Value through Social Procurement

Social Enterprise is an Impact-Driven business entity registered under any written law in Malaysia that proactively creates positive social or environmental impact via a sustainable business model. Buy For Impact strengthen Social Enterprises and Impact-Driven Enterprises (IDEs) so they are ready to create lasting connections with our Business and Government Members. Social Procurement generates some of the most impactful and positive outcomes that will impact our community and help us in achieving a sustainable ecosystem.

How you buy matters

It's not only about what you buy when it comes to being a strong business; it's also about how you buy it. Our business and government members are given assistance in developing methods, structures, and internal cultures that will enable them to develop a long-term Social Procurement plan. You'll get expert guidance and support to help you grow your Social Procurement activities, as well as access to our membership community to learn about best practises. Make a positive impact as a leading Malaysian company.

Join Our Impact-Network of
Businesses and Government Members

We assist you in developing a long-term Social Procurement strategy, from driving organisational transformation to acquiring best practise insights. Let us lead you to what suits your company's needs and become the best-in-class Social Procurement leader.