The BFI Show: Episode 7 Part 2, Bohomys Tie Dye with Pinkcollar Part 2

Ready or not, the show must go on 🔥

This time, let’s add a little bit of spice by adding in crickets exclusive from The tie-dyeing session will be completed with a mini Q&A session to test out the two wonderful ladies gathered-knowledge on Bohomys 😎 Wrong answer equals to cricketssss! Be sure to watch till the end.

We hope to spread awareness on the importance of using dyes without harming the environment 🌳 And it is possible with @bohomys tie-dye kit!

Special Thanks To:

Video Producer: Nadia Syafiq
Video Editor: Nadia Syafiq
Talent Manager: Shaheera
Subtitle: Aishah Shahida