The BFI Show: Episode 7, Bohomys Tie Dye with Pinkcollar , Part 1

The apple of my dye, we mean, it’s TIE-DYE time, specially brought to you by @bohomys👕

In today’s episode, we have @sophia_aliza93 from @hirepinkcollar together with a MaGIC-ian from @magic_cyberjaya, @munairsalina, learning all about Bohomys will showing off their tie-dye skills 🎉

Do you know that some dyes contain harmful ingredients that can trigger allergies? 🤕 Fret not, we gotcha! That’s why we are featuring @bohomys tie-dye kit, derived from a plant, safe and harmless 🌱

Special Thanks To:

Video Producer: Nadia Syafiq
Video Editor: Nadia Syafiq
Talent Manager: Shaheera
Subtitle: Aishah Shahida