We unlock 'Business for Good'
in 3 ways!

Our mission is to achieve a future for Malaysia where every business would be a force for good - that is inclusive, meaningful, and positive for society. It's time we think about the sources of our purchases and whether our money is making a sustainable and long-lasting impact for the society and our ecosystem in the long run.

#1 To Incubate

A gathering of like-minded people, individuals or organisations, who are empowered to create positive impacts on our society and environment.

#2 To Catalyse

Our programme's mission is to promote conscious buying behaviour and social innovation amongst the general public and private sector players.

#3 To Commercialise

It promotes and supports the notion of utilising the general public’s purchasing power to generate sustainable positive social or environmental impact through Impact-Driven Enterprises (IDEs).

Get involved and be a part of the Buy For Impact (BFI) programme, and be a part of
a community dedicated to contribute in solving social and environmental challenges!
Calling for Impact-Partners, Corporates, Government Members to pledge with BFI today!

and many more...

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